Welcome to man1.biz, the personal website of Matt Nichols. Matt may be thought of as an ephemeral cloud of ideas, now manifested before you in the following collection of hyperlinks.

Instagram In a perfect world, these photos would awaken something beautiful inside of you. This is not a perfect world.

SoundCloud Here at man1.biz, we encourage the exploration of all sounds, including those within the aforementioned cloud.

Poetry Blog You may click this hyperlink to find out if poetry exists in your simulation. We wish you the best of luck.

GitHub These artisanal formulations of logical interconnectivity are generally intended to produce results that are “cool” or “neat”.

Like all birdsong, these tweets contain questionable humor and incidental observations, alongside curated propagation of the same.

LinkedIn Provided the dual premises of individuality and employability, Matt is an employable individual. This hyperlink shall serve as our proof.