Matt Nichols

The word “portfolio” is derived from the Latin phrase portabo folia, meaning “I will carry the foliage”. On this website, I will carry a collection of my personal projects (foliage) into your consciousness.


Upload photos & text from your iPhone clipboard to Dropbox. Store, view, copy, share, profit.

Fractal Generator

Build complex shapes with a few clicks of your mouse. Dream like da Vinci.

WebGL Fireworks

Enjoy New Year’s Eve, every eve! Isaac and I accomplish the impossible with this simulation.


Exchange anonymous text messages with strangers for free. Boredom and loneliness are now obsolete.


Create and edit shared lists that update live. Definitely the only list app ever made.


No, I didn’t build Tumblr, but I do post there occasionally. Stories, poems, digital art, smaller projects, and more.